Friday, 27 May 2011


What remains?

The colours, to an extent; but they're now hexadecimally clearer.

The letters, no doubt, though an extra few are implicit now. If you like.

The font. Well, I might change that one day; one must always leave room for improvement, except in one's death rattle.

What's new? 

Turn symmetry. That's invaluable. People will be able to recognise my brand even when they're upside down - this will be essential for expansion into the Southern Hemisphere. There's also a touch of ambiguity, I feel: It's playful. It has levity. Like me.

The unity: one component is now the other.

What's gone? 

The overlap: the illusion. There is only clarity now. (Even if it's clear ambiguity.)

This is my new blog.


I look forward to looking forward.

Your host,

Alexander S. H. Velky

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