Friday, 5 August 2011

[Exactly] 150 Words on 'What Makes a Good Writer'

I found this while cleaning out my documents folder at work today. It must be from a job application or something, because I can't think I'd have written it for fun:

150 Words - What Makes a Good Writer

The ability to communicate any given message to any given audience using the fewest possible words and the most appropriate language – usually the simplest.

An awareness and understanding of structure, tone and rhetorical techniques; a love of some words and a hatred of others. (And a rational explanation for both, if pressed.)

A thirst for knowledge and a passion for the minutiae of the rules of language, tempered only with a realistic appreciation of its fluidity and that, ultimately, words come to mean what people use them to mean: a willingness to break old rules and make new ones.

An interest in and awareness of style guides and their influence on both editorial and – by extension – the expectations of the readership.

An appreciation of the reader, and the reader’s relationship with the writer, at all times.

The willingness to follow a brief to the letter.

A suitably jazzy waistcoat collection.

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